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If I end up liking it I might imagine myself remaining there permanently. If I don’t, I’ll have it out of my system without

regrets. With that in mind I flew to Seattle this past weekend to go house searching. I wasn’t actually preparing on deciding, as I was still wanting to examine out places in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Portland. Concern consider it, the weather condition was sensational each time I visited this summer season. It remained in the 60s, the skies were blue and cloudless, and there was a crisp breeze. I mean, that’s what it’s like year around in warm Seattle, right? I focused my apartment or condo search on 3 areas– Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland. But quick forward to Sunday, and I signed a lease for an apartment in Bellevue. I can’t even reveal just how much the city grew on my in the brief 2 days I was there. It has been ranked as one of the leading cities in the United States to live in several times now, and bathroom drainage I immediately determined why.

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Although it’s a “genuine” city, I didn’t hear a horn beeping the whole weekend. What I rapidly recognized is that what I have actually been most deprived of in Tampa is the ability to stroll. I go everywhere by cars and truck. Hell, there are days where I don’t leave my apartment or vehicle, because I can do whatever via drive thrus.

I ‘d love to be able to go outside my house and walk to a restaurant, shopping, etc. Undoubtedly I stayed at the Westin Bellevue which is best in the heart of the city, though I recognized just just how much walking I did over the weekend to go locations, and just how much I take pleasure in that.

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To sum all of it up, Bellevue is safe, has terrific shopping/restaurants, an actually neat big-city feel without the tension, and is close to anywhere I might wish to go. I could not be better with the scenario, and hope I still feel that way in winter when it gets dark prior to 4PM and is freezing outside … I’ll definitely let you men know! But why did I sign a lease immediately? While the housing market is weak on the buying side, leasing is as popular as ever.

The downside is that I have to move in less than two weeks, so it’s crunch time! Once again, I’m incredibly grateful for all the recommendations you men provided me. There’s no doubt I would not have actually taken the initiative to move if it weren’t for the positive feedback and encouragement. On that note, there are 2 last things I ‘d like some cumulative wisdom on, as this is the first significant move in my life that I are accountable for: How do I move my vehicle? Between gas, depreciation, wear & tear, etc., I’m leaning towards shipping my vehicle.

The only things worth moving (that I can’t take with me on an aircraft) are my i Mac, TELEVISION, couch, and W Bed and bedframe. I presume I could ship my i Mac and TELEVISION by means of Fedex/UPS, so I’m not too worried about that. I got my couch at Ikea and and my bedframe at Ikea.

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