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What are the benefits of composite manhole covers?

Compared with manhole cover made of cast iron, steel, composite manhole cover brings more benefits. For a better understanding of this product, please read the information shared in our following article.

For sanitation and sewerage problems, waste not only in the street area but also in the factories and factories or apartment buildings is an issue that requires careful attention and investment. Especially with the sewer problem, the manhole should be taken care of using appropriate materials to make the removal easier and to prevent the smell from being effective. And the composite manhole cover has met that.

The reasons for choosing to use composite manhole cover for buildings:

Composite manhole cover limits theft

Currently, theft is raging, causing aches and pains, so using iron or wire in the community area is a “good bait” that appeals to thieves. Therefore, the use of products made from solid materials will have the ability to recycle is essential and important, while ensuring long-term use, while ensuring maximum anti-theft.

In the past, manhole covers were often made from steel materials. Currently, composite manhole covers made from smart materials are more popular.

Composite is a material made of glass fiber core, this material is not used and bán nắp hố ga cannot be recycled. Therefore, using composite manhole covers helps prevent theft.

Composite manhole cover – solution for transport and transport works

The manhole cover made of steel will have a heavier volume and is easy to cause theft but with a composite manhole cover weighing only ¾ of the weight of a manhole cover, it is easy to build and install in Convenient location in the area of ​​roads, urban areas, factories …. Besides, composite manhole covers also have advantages such as:

– Anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance: When installing composite manhole cover for the project, you do not need to worry because the material makes composite manhole cover is fiberglass material, this material is resistant to corrosion due to natural conditions and weather … Therefore, using composite manhole cover, you are completely assured that this manhole cover will have durability over time and not be destroyed by the environment.

– Resistant to noise, large load and obstructing odor: Made of fiberglass material, it has good durability, withstands large loads, uses up to 30 years without being damaged. Besides, composite products also help prevent and limit the stench from the sewer or the sound from the sewer